About Us

T4 Marketing, Inc. is a private corporation designed to assist commodity groups in the structure, organization, and management of organized associations, commodity groups, commissions, co-ops etc. T4 offers a range of assistance programs, from turnkey development and infrastructure to the collection of data and analytical reporting. T4 provides the co-op with opportunities to improve grower returns through communication and the exchange of information among members.


 T4 Marketing, Inc. is owned and operated by Bobby Thornton of San Antonio, TX. Bobby has a very diverse background in agriculture spanning over the last 26 years. With over 6 years of marketing various state-grown products with the Texas Department of Agriculture, 4 years as vice-president of TexaSweet Citrus Marketing, 2 years with Sunkist Growers as a category manager for national accounts and the last 14 years managing data for agriculture commodity organizations as T4 Marketing, Inc..


T4 Marketing, Inc. will coordinate the exchange of information among members and direct the communication toward the common goal of improving grower returns. T4 will work with a new commodity group to establish federal cooperative status and the collection of data and reporting or work with an already existing co-op to develop a platform for turning in production and marketing information on a regular basis that will result in daily, weekly, monthly and season to date reporting.

T4 Marketing